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Yoga is a unique form of exercise that encompasses your entire being. It lifts you up physically, mentally and spiritually. Owing to its immense benefits, it has been in practice for centuries now. Over this vast period of time different disciplines and schools have emerged under the umbrella of Yoga.

There is an array of Yoga exercises available to everyone and you have the option of choosing the ones you deem best for your needs and requirements.

This article is all about,

Yoga Facts 

Yoga Structure 

Role of Yoga in the Athletes Life  


Yoga Facts

Just like every other activity and way of life, you need to learn about the basics of Yoga before initiating the practice. The word Yoga literally means “to join together”. The togetherness of your mind and body in harmony is what yoga is all about. It is more than five centuries old. Some of the basic and traditional techniques that are still extensively practiced are more than five thousand years old. It  is a form of exercise that encompasses your entire being.
It involves the exercise of your body, mind, and soul. The creation of yoga was triggered by the desire for a healthy, long and prosperous life. The idea behind this unique exercise is to achieve a higher level of self-understanding and personal liberty. A practicing male is referred to as “Yogi” while a female practitioner is known as a “Yogini”. In modern times generally, both genders are termed as Yogis. 


Yoga Structure

The entire structure of Yoga is essentially based on three main elements of:

  • Exercise
  • Breathing
  • Meditation


The different forms of exercises involved in its system are designed specifically for the purpose of inserting pressure on various glandular systems of the human body. The idea is to achieve greater levels of efficiency and health through these exercises. A student  has respect and care for their body. Yogis experience evolution and treat their bodies as an essential tool to achieve it.Warm Up Exercise & muscle injury


Yoga Breathing

The breathing techniques inculcated are based on the notion that your breath is an essential source of life. Hence by enhancing their breath control, yogis basically improve their health and life in general.


The exercise and breathing systems are meant for preparing the body and mind for the system of meditation. All three systems enable you to achieve a silent mind that has the ability to relieve itself from stress and strains of daily life. Through regular practice of these three systems, It enables you to establish a clear, strengthened and proficient body. 


Yoga And Athlete Training

Athletes have different bodily demands compared to normal individuals. Individuals have such require extra flexibility and agility due to the physical needs posed by their sports. They tend to experience more injuries and physical setbacks for the very same reason. Yoga is practiced in the world of sports all across the globe. Professionals hired for personal training advice simple Yoga exercises or inculcate them in overall training routines of athletes. 

You are about to embark upon a spiritual journey leading to the discovery of countless benefits entailed by Yoga to any athlete’s training program. Highly common athletic issues of inflexibility and desire for improved performance will be catered. Yoga has the potential of not only enhancing your performance but turning you into a pro athlete with a stronger sport routine. Simple poses will be explained to you keeping in consideration your novice level in the spiritual world of Yoga.

Special breathing and meditation exercises help clear your mind out and attain focus in your routine. Athletes require a strong drive and internal concentration towards an ultimate goal and through breathing and meditation, they can achieve it. It  is known for its benefits in terms of improved running. The simple pose essentially strengthens your core and enhance your stamina which ultimately makes you a much better runner in general. It builds stronger immunity against injuries and makes the running more fluid for you.


Find out about different exercise poses that are easy to replicate and practice them on a daily basis for a healthier and stronger performance. The instructions will be simplified and clear in order for you to follow them with ease. All your confusions regarding Yoga are about to be cleared out. Learn to strengthen your entire body and mind whilst integrating your entire being as one. If you feel you lack the right kind of flexibility then Think no more; you are about to unravel the simplest possible poses to improve your general flexibility.

How Athletes Use Yoga

Athletes use Yoga to ensure a speedy recovery from the very minor injuries which have the potential of hindering their performance. The exercises you are about to stumble upon will not only compliment your specific sport but also offer you a whole new range of abilities that were waiting to be tapped. Eliminate all signs of weaknesses from your performance through utilization of Yoga practice. Sharpen your focus using the meditation exercises and discover different benefits for your training programs. Augment your athletic performance as a novice!

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