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There are so many different weight loss methods, and one should be careful in deciding which method suits them the best. If a person chooses the wrong method, e.g. the one which he cannot keep up with or the one which does not suit his lifestyle, then the benefits of that method might be very little and may not help at all. This post is all about,


Four Best Weight Loss Methods

The lifestyle of a person and his target goals become the main deciding factor in choosing the right weight loss methods. Given below are 4 different weight loss methods, suitable for different kinds of people. They should be studied properly before adopting one of them.

Lean gains Weight Loss Methods

These weight loss methods are recommended for people who hit the gym daily and do strength and weight training to increase their muscle mass. Women are supposed to fast for 14 hours and men for 16 hours. Nothing should be eaten during this time period, although calorie-free drinks such as coffee, green tea can be taken. The easiest way to carry out this method is to include the sleeping hours so that only about 6 hours are left when you wake up.

weight loss methods

Important Points about this Weight Loss Methods

The most important thing is to follow these weight loss methods without a break because if you do, the body starts to produce certain substances and hormones which make it difficult to restart it. The intake of proteins should be high every day, dependent upon your age, activity, and sex.

  1. When you are exercising, you should take more carbs than fat, however, when not exercising the fat intake should be higher than the carb intake.
  2. Generally, you should be eating natural, organic food every day. In this weight loss methods, you can eat whatever you want to in the non-fasting period. It is up to you to either take one heavy meal or divide it into 3 small sized meals.
  3. This program is very specific on food type, as you have to modify it according to your workout plan and activity level, and thus can prove to be slightly difficult to follow.

The warrior diet weight loss methods

Only folks with strong nerves can carry out this plan, all those slightly lacking in determination, this plan is not so good for you. In this weight loss methods, the fasting time is about 20 hours and the meal is usually taken at night. The type of food that you are taking this meal is also very important to be considered. So this plan is also very suitable for those who are the ‘night people’ and prefer to do their chores during the night time.

As fasting for 20 hours straight is a very long period, even for all you warrior out there, a small amount of salad, fruits, fruit juice or small portions of proteins are allowed to be taken during the fasting period. It helps keep your energy levels up, making you more alert and attentive and also keeping your hormone adrenaline up which helps start the fat cutting. Then comes the 4-hour eating period.

weight loss methods
During this period, the brain is activated and helps you to calm your senses, start the digestive process, and helps you keep satiated. During the night time, you can also start to burn fat by producing different hormones in response to food. The body also becomes hyperactive in absorbing and assimilating the nutrients absorbed from that meal and putting it to good use.
The first preference should be to take uncooked vegetables, unprocessed food, and protein. However, if the hunger pangs are still lingering over, you can allow yourself a small portion of carbs.

Advantages Of Worrier Diet Weight Loss Methods

The advantage of this method is that you are allowed to eat in a small portion even during the fasting period, unlike other methods. This stimulates fat burning and keeps you active all day long.You might just have to give up some of your social life in order to follow this plan, as you are only allowed one meal during the night. Also, some people feel uncomfortable to take calories during the night time. It might also become difficult to follow the specific food guide in this program.

Fat loss 

This is for the kind of people who just can’t live without food once in a while and so these weight loss methods have a cheat day to every week. Isn’t that great news? But don’t get too excited as this is followed by one and a half day of fasting. On the remaining days, you can follow different schedules of fasting. Good advice is to do 36 hours fast when you are the busiest and would automatically have little to time to think about food and hunger pangs would eventually die away.

Weight loss methods
You should also hit the gym regularly and do strength and weight training which will assist in your fat loss program.


The advantage of this method is that you can always have a cheat day when you get tired of all the time tracking and just can’t keep yourself away from food anymore. Also, this allows us to fast in a proper manner, not just irregularly have fasting periods which will not help greatly in your quest to lose weight. This diet plan has a proper schedule which includes the exercises as well as the timetable.

Eat stop eat 

This weight loss methods is for those of you guys who are already living the healthy way. Just go on eat normally every day, and include a 24-hour fast period once in a week. This gives our body a much-required break from all that eating and calorie burning.

You can break the fast during any mealtime be at lunch or dinner or whatever of your own liking. You can adjust the size of a meal according to your need. By starting this program, you will be able to reduce the calorie count without really putting any extra effort and this will provide an automatic way to weight loss.

The important point about this weight loss method

  1. If you want to lose even faster with this method, you should also try to include some daily workouts in your routine.
  2. It’s not necessary to start your program with a 24 hour fast. You can bend it just the way you want to or you can break the fast if you can’t take it anymore. However, with time, you will be able to follow the 24-hour schedule as the body will gradually adjust.
  3. Also, try to fast when you are really busy at work. This will help keep your mind away from the food.
  4. The good news is that there are no obligations when it comes to food in this diet, you can eat whatever you want to. However, you should always be watchful of whatever you are eating as too much food indulgence is never a good idea.
  5. The 24-hour fast period can come hard on some people and induce symptoms leading to the person to feel irritated, it is also very easy to give in and succumb to the cravings after you have broken the fast. So be very careful with it and try to achieve some self-control, so you can fast properly and regularly.

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