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The Warm Up Exercise should be integral parts of any training program. In case of absence of these, you risk your body to injuries and subject yourself to a lot of unnecessary pain.

This is especially true for those starting fresh. You need to incorporate Warm Up Exercise in your training routine if you have not done so already.

This article is all about,

  • Warm Up Exercise Concept
  • Warm Up Exercise Poses
  • Benefits of Warm UP Exercise
  •  Stretching 


The Warm Up Exercise is designed specifically to help your body in the prevention of muscle injuries. Basically you muscles have increases susceptibility to injuries in cold state and these warm-up activities are tailored to change that very state. Each sport has its own unique ideal warm-up. Your ideal Warm Up Exercise is entirely dependent upon the nature of your sport and the level of competition you experience. Age is another contributing factor in this. Either way, your warm-up should include certain muscle groups that require exercise regardless of the nature of your sport.

Warm Up Exercises

There are certain activities that have to be incorporated in your routine. You should start off your Warm Up Exercise with some low-level intensity poses and then gradually progress to higher intensity levels in your training program. This applies to all athletes whether at their beginner or pro stages. Generally, five to ten minutes of warm-up is ample enough time for most athletes out there.
The weather conditions also get a say in this matter. In case of weather; your warm exercises are required to be increased in frequency which generally takes up longer than ten minutes.

Warm Up Exercise Poses

typically Warm Up Exercise poses aim to:

        • Accurately prepare your mind and body for the intense physical activity
        • Enhance the temperature of your body’s core
        • Provide an augmented heart rate
        • Increase your breathing rate.

Circle the Waist

Start off by standing with your feet together. Your hands should be on the lower back. Now try imagining that your tailbone is dropping in a downward direction towards the floor and at the same time crown your head extended towards the sky. Imagine a suspension state between the Earth and the heavens. You should attempt at thirty-two rotations of your tailbone in a clockwise direction and repeat the same number in the opposite direction as well. Make sure to take deep and regular breaths. Remember to keep a relaxed belly and eyes. This pose should help you warm your lower back up. 

Circle the Hips

Attain a standing position and keep your legs at hip-width distance. Your feet should be parallel to each other and the toes are required to point in forwarding direction. Keep your hands outside the hip socket and make sure to keep your fingers pointed downwards.

Imagine the suspension feeling for this one as well and remember to maintain a relaxed belly and eyes. Rotate in an oval shape for about thirty-two times in a clockwise manner. Repeat this for the opposite direction as well. Your hips should be warmed up by this.

Warm Up Exercise

Circle the Knees

Start this Warm Up Exercise by standing. You feet should be together. Bend your knees now. You are required to keep you hands on knee caps and your fingers have to point down during this time. Remember to keep an extended back and straight arms. Try circling your knees in both clockwise and counterclockwise fashion. Each direction should consist of at least six rotations in the start and you can increase the number gradually to a maximum of thirty two rotations. This should warm your knees and ankles.

Side Stretch

Maintain the standing position with your feet together. Now try stretching your arms overhead. Try interlocking your fingers and turning palms towards the sky. After pressing your palms in an upward direction; try planting the feet down. Keep your feet firm. Now stretch to the right whilst you exhale and hold this position for a moment or few. Make sure to breathe with ease. Now come back to the center position while inhaling. Repeat this in the opposite direction as well. 

Benefits of Warm Up Exercise

Apart from improving your performance Warm Up Exercises offers you the following benefits:

  • The speed at which your muscles contract and relax is increased.
  • Muscle stiffness is significantly reduced.
  • The resistance of your muscles is lowered and greater movements are achieved.
  • Oxygen is utilized better by the warmed-up muscles.
  • Nerve transmission is facilitated by these activities and the metabolism of your muscles is enhanced.
  • The blood flow of your active tissues is improved along with the increased metabolism rate of your muscles.
  • The heart rate is increased enough for intense exercise.
  • Mental focus is achieved.

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