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Vegan bodybuilding is possible. The common conception is that the bodybuilders need to consume a lot of protein in the form of chicken and eggs to build muscles. But that is not true. Bodybuilders who have adopted a vegan lifestyle can also form a muscular body using a vegan dietary plan. 

Vegan Bodybuilding Lifestyle

Many bodybuilders have adopted the vegan lifestyle. It is fast becoming popular among bodybuilders who want to avoid eating animal products. Veganism can be defined as a lifestyle choice that involves avoiding all sort of animal products like meat, dairy and eggs to give animals a status of sentient beings and stop their commercialization. Recent scandals regarding animal cruelty in slaughterhouses have forced more people to abandon animal products and turn to veganism.



The following details of food and nutrition regarding vegan bodybuilding will help guide a person looking to build muscles. 


For a normal bodybuilder, protein can be taken from different forms of poultry like chicken and eggs. But vegan bodybuilding can look to obtain the protein intake from whole plant food. Foods like beans, lentils, nuts, seeds and whole grains are packed with proteins. You can also use almond or peanut butter. A sound intake of these foods throughout the day can satisfy the protein intake requirement of a bodybuilder. However, these foods are also rich in calories.

Protein shakes can also be used to supplement protein daily intake. Buy a brand that is suitable for vegans. The daily amount of protein depends on the person’s weight. The most common rule is for one pound of body weight consumes one gram of protein. But do not gobble down the whole protein intake at once. Break your meal into five or six parts so that you can get a steady supply of protein throughout the day.


Carbohydrates Vegan bodybuilding

Carbs are important for building muscle mass in Vegan bodybuilding. They help provide you with the energy required for intense and strenuous workouts. Carbs can be obtained from a variety of sources. 

The first rule is to make sure that you stay away from processed carbs. Brown rice, whole-grain foods, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa, oats, fruits are very good sources for obtaining complex carbohydrates. Stay away from white flour and sugar. 


 Fats are essential for the body. They increase your calorie burning. They also produce hormones in your body. Fats can be obtained from foods like almonds, peanuts, avocadoes and seeds. You do not need to use margarine or oil for your fat intake. Use whole food for nutrition. The recommended amount is 0.5 grams fat per pound of bodyweight to be consumed in small amounts throughout the day. 

Vegan bodybuilding


Your beverages should not be limited to protein shakes only. Apart from water and protein shakes you can also have green tea.

Vegan bodybuilding

Green tea has many health benefits, the major of all is its calorie-burning quality. A cup of chamomile green tea will help soothe your body and senses which can be very much needed after a limb breaking workout. You can also consume different fruit juices including coconut water. 

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