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Thinking of moving into USA’s second largest city? Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the States. It is a city-backed by forests, mountains, and wetlands. LA has been a destination many people every year think of settling in. It has quaint bungalows, it has big mansions, it has apartments buildings which are shabby, old and it has shiny condos. With a population of about 4 million, LA is a huge city, but is it good enough for you to relocate to it? Let’s find out.

Relocation, as it is called, is something that takes time, but you cannot just jump to the decision of relocating to find someplace enough information on it that can convince you to relocate. After all, it is a matter of starting a new life in a new place, you’re not well-acquainted with and have little or no knowledge about the lifestyle that prevails there, so it is better you look into these ten facts about the LA before you decide to move and settle in. We will help you.

  1. The challenges of getting a job

Everyone worries about their living and they should. There is so much competition in every field in the LA that finding a job can be an exhausting task. To get into the entertainment industry and making a living out of it is especially hard so it is better that you start with the job hunting once you’ve made fixed plans of moving in. Also, the job process can usually take some time to make sure you have money to afford your daily living expenses till then or stay at some

If you’re still studying and haven’t gotten out of the “education” phase, it is advised for you to find an internship in LA and apply for it before you move in. Once you make a good impression for yourself, it gets more comfortable for you to get the job you want. With that being said, you also get opportunities to learn about the culture that lives in Los Angeles.


  1. Finding a place to live in


We do not want to discourage you or make you change your mind but to help you in making a decision that is wise and proves to be beneficial for you in the long run. Finding an apartment for yourself in LA can come as a challenge too. This is because apartments come and go fast here. To solve that, the first step you need to take is to have an idea about where you want to live; the general area so that you can start hunting for a good apartment during your job commute goes on. If you’re thinking about a lease, think twice and only do so if you are prepared for the process that follows.

  1. There is more to the LA than just entertainment

Even though LA is a renowned city known for its entertainment industry and the work people do in it, there is still much more to it than just that. A big tech startup company breathes in the LA and also many other opportunities exist in various other fields. In short, LA is full of creativity and energy; anything can happen at any time!


  1. The people living here are amazing


People usually think of the people of LA to be crazy and obnoxious which is not true for all times; it might be right at times, but then as always some people have a refreshing side to them and are willing to welcome you in their city.


  1. The traffic struggles


There are always cars on the roads of Los Angeles, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Living somewhere close to your work and all other facilities might help you with this problem because the traffic issue can cause you to struggle and get tired. Certain apps like Waze can be used to help you with details and information on traffic jams, shortest routes, etc. to help you avoid accidents and have a safe, comfortable ride.

  1. LA is massive

With a population of 4 million people, the city is huge and massive. Hence, public transportation cannot be the answer and solution to all your traveling. Driving is a must in LA.


  1. Use of crosswalk is necessary

You cannot just walk around wherever you want on the roads in LA, using the crosswalks is a must and only when you see the green signal for pedestrians.


  1. You get to be all outdoorsy

A wonderful, beautiful and refreshing hike will always be waiting for you at Los Angeles. There are thousands of hiking trails here, e.g. Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains.


We hope with this blog you were able to picture your life in the LA if you chose to move in here. Wishing you all the best, we hope you enjoy your life wherever you go, and if you come to LA, we welcome you!


Rainee Allen

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