MEDF, a positioning, and branding blog that educate people about all Fitness, medical and Everyday life-related issues. The MEDF Established in 2017, with a wealth of experience, we are proud to call ourselves the experts in wellness and Fitness Niche.

What is Health & Fitness According to MEDF

Health is defined as a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being. On the other side, One can describe Fitness is the ability to perform aspects of daily activities.

How Health and Fitness is achieved,

achieved through,

  1.  Healthy Diet
  2. Physical Exercise
  3. Healthy Lifestyle
  4. Appropriate Rest 

The MEDF blog main categories base on the same concept of Health and Fitness. This blog will help you to find the information related to all points help to achieve good health and fitness. Mian categories of MEDF blog is summarized as,


Health and Fitness: Include all blog posts related to the concept of Health and Fitness.Link to some of the post Why You Should Meet with a dietician

Healthy Living How to Live Healthy

Healthy Diet: Link to all blog posts related to Health diet,different diet concepts,their comparison and Healthy eating.Dietary Supplements Why do we need them?

Intermittent Fasting Concept & Benefits,Gluten Free Diet Truth & Benefits, 7-Day DASH DIET Meal Plan

Weight Loss: Main aim of this section to encourage the concept of weight loss through diet or Exercise.DASH DIET Perfect Meal Plan And Benefits,Weight Loss Through Healthy Diet,4 Low-Calorie Drinks promote weight Loss

Exercise: This section of the blog cover the new concept of all Exercises, Yoga, and meditation.How to maintain the level of fitness through Exercise and Yoga.Yoga A Unique Form Of Exercise,Cool Down Exercises & Stretching Activity,Warm Up Exercise & muscle injury,Breathing Meditation Exercises Technique

Pregnancy & baby: This section is all about pregnancy-related information, baby and breastfeeding.The Placenta and amazing Facts,BREASTFEEDING IMPORTANCE AND BENEFITS

SkinCare: The blog in this section is all related to Skincare.Skin Treatment With Royal jelly & honeySkincare & Natural Anti Aging Treatment