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What’s the one thing we’re all looking out for these days? Simple answer: healthy eating! Now we know you want to give your family only the best, the best being a balanced and healthy lunchbox for them to enjoy when they’re off to work or back to school after the summer break. That’s why we’re here; to help you out with tips and ideas on how to prepare the perfect healthy lunchbox for you and your loved ones.

healthy lunchbox

While you’re trying to keep things healthy, it’s important to keep things fun too. Because if you pack the usual lunchbox with peas and a sandwich, everyone’s going to get tired of it sooner rather than later.

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas For Work

Crockpot BBQ Chicken:

healthy lunchboxIt may sound unhealthy, but once a week, this chicken is the easiest and the best Healthy lunchbox you could ever make. Simply marinate the chicken in some BBQ and Worcestershire sauce, Italian dressing and brown sugar. Cook in sauce and then pack as a burger, with rice or even with wraps, the possibilities are endless! Couple with some sliced cucumbers and fruits like strawberries.

Stuffed Bagel Sandwiches:

Replace your bagel with a stuffed bagel instead, nothing could be more fulfilling. All you need to do is make a mixture of cream cheese, olives and any meat or fish you want. Then cut the bagel and spread across evenly. That’s all it takes to create a simple and scrumptious healthy lunch. Add a little something extra with small pretzels and hummus.

Green Beans with Tomato & Feta:

Salads are convenient to make and also a vital part of any healthy lunchbox. Here, we’ve chosen a very simple one, but any other salad you like will also work. Just boil the beans, drain, and mix in with tomatoes and feta; season with pepper and drizzle with oil. Add some roasted potatoes and crackers on the side as a little snack. Feel free to add any other elements you prefer; that’s what salads are all about!

Broccoli Pesto Pasta:

Pasta is easy to make and simple to eat without making a mess. The greatest benefit of this meal is that you can slip a little broccoli into the pesto without anyone noticing due to the overpowering taste of basil. Just boil some pasta, season, and toss into a simple basil pesto sauce. Add some orange slices into the lunch box to add a little variety.


Healthy Lunchbox Ideas For School

Tortellini salad:

Kids are always excited about pasta. This pasta recipe provides them with all the energy they need and is fairly easy to make. Simply boil the pasta, add boiled peas and some other vegetables you know your kid will eat, and then toss with pesto. The pesto sauce is simple enough too, simply combine basil, garlic, nuts, and cheese in a food processor to make the sauce. Add an apple or peach as a little side snack if need be.

Healthy Lunchbox Pizza Dillas:

A cool homely version of the pizza which is so much easier to make. Instead of having to bake an entire pizza for your kid, this healthy lunchbox saves you so much time and makes the kids happy too. Just take some tortillas, sprinkle them with cheese and top with pepperoni. Bake and cut in half to place in the lunch box. Serve with some baby carrots or baked potatoes.

Roast Beef Sandwich:

A simple sandwich can never do any harm. Always a favorite, the roast beef sandwich is easy to make and highly nutritious. Use whole grain bread, and be sure to add vegetables in there too, such as slices of tomato and lettuce. Add cheese and a little mayonnaise to keep it from getting too dry. Add sides such as almonds and some fruit slices.

Crunchy chicken drumsticks:

They don’t even need to be warmed up, even when cold in the lunchbox, these drumsticks taste great and are a favorite among all kids. To start, crush some brown rice crackers till they are fine crumbs. Then dip the chicken drumsticks into the egg, then into the crumbs to coat the chicken all over. To finish, simply roast. Couple with a little tossed salad or a mashed potato.

Always remember to add water or some fluids in the daily lunch too because no meal can be complete without any water. Just follow these recipes or innovate along these lines, and remember to add little side snacks too and you’ll be good to go!

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