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The gluten free diet is essential for the sufferers of celiac disease. As there is no drugs or medication available that can treat celiac disease caused due to gluten intolerance, the only way to get rid of it is, following a gluten-free diet plan. This can help them avoid consuming gluten contained products and switch towards gluten free diet.
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  • Gluten free diet introduction
  • What is Gluten
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  • Truth Behind the Gluten Free Diet  
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A protein that is found in rye, wheat, and barley and is contained in drinks or food products that has been made with the help of any of these grains is known as Gluten. However, the gluten free diet is a form of a diet that does not include gluten protein. The diet includes all those food products and drinks that do not contain gluten. Gluten protein is usually found in the grain like rye, wheat, and barley or in the hybrid of rye and wheat known as triticale. Celiac disease is a serious kind of a disease that is caused by ingesting that food and drinks that contain gluten. 

gluten free diet

The gluten free diet helps in treating such diseases. Gluten causes irritation in the small digestion tracts of individuals suffering from celiac disease and this can further lead to severe infections. The complication and symptoms faced by the celiac sufferers eventually get controlled once the person starts taking gluten free diet. This diet has been considered a very essential diet that not only helps in treating celiac disease but also many other types of diseases that occurs because of protein ingestion. 

  • Gluten free diet Comprise

This particular diet is comprised of gluten free natural food products such as potatoes, legumes, meat, vegetables, fish , nuts , pseudocereals (particularly quinoa , amaranth and chia seed), only few number of cereal grains that are (sorghum, corn and rice), in uncommon cereals such as (millet teff, fonio and Job’s tears, their cereals usually called minor cereals because they are not commonly found in every country and are grown in fewer parts of the world).

gluten free diet

Some of the products made from plants such as ( mesquite flour, starch( arrowroot )and canary seed that is also known as alpiste seed), and the food items that are made out of gluten free products, for example wheat and gluten free beers/wines. The bread that is free from gluten is not very fluffy, due to which added substances such as Hypromellose, cornflour/maize, eggs, guaran, and eggs are utilized to adjust the fluffiness that is required.

What is Gluten 

Rye, wheat and barley and the food made out of these grains such as matzo flout, bran bread, graham flour, durum and couscous contains a protein known as Gluten. As being a protein, gluten has a lot of nutritional worth. It is found in various food items and drinks available in the market and in almost every country.


In order to improve the texture of the food and to enhance its taste, this type of protein is added to a larger number of processed food items. Gluten does not only have advantages it has a lot of disadvantages as well that can give rise to various type of health diseases. Various alternatives for gluten food products are available in the market or at the grocery stores and these substitutes are recognized as gluten-free foods or drinks.


Switching to gluten free diet:

Switching to gluten free diet can be a bit complicated because this requires few steps such having a complete knowledge regarding the gluten free food items and at the same time a person must know how to read their labels. A person can take help from the specialized dietitians in order to save himself from the celiac disease symptoms or non celiac gluten sensitivity. These dietitians provide you with gluten-free diet plan that is rich in nutrients. 

When you plan to dine out with friends or family before placing the order one must inquire about all the ingredients used in the food he/she wants to order so that one can save himself from those food items that contain gluten and switch to those items that are gluten-free. Some local eating houses or restaurants must be established in which people are provided with only gluten-free food dishes made from some delicious gluten-free methods or recipes. Shifting to a diet that is gluten free is very difficult and takes a lot of time for a person to get used to it because this diet is not easy to follow as compared to come other diet plans. 

A person following this diet gets frustrated because this diet plan includes a lot of food restrictions. He can’t eat the food of his own choice thus has to avoid taking some specific number of food items and drinks. But this diet helps you look for all those substitutes that are gluten-free and soon a person starts getting used to it. He feels really surprised to know that now a lot of gluten-free food item for example pasta and bread are available in the market. 

Now almost every food store sells foods that are gluten free. The ones who can’t find such products in their country or nearest stores can order them online. But before switching to gluten free diet it is very important to consult you dietitian because he can prescribe you with the best diet plan by studying your overall health and symptoms. A diet plan can help a person in maintaining a balanced healthy diet, in this way a person can avoid taking gluten.

The Truth behind this Diet

With the increase in the number of sufferers of celiac disease and gluten intolerance, the thought of shifting to a gluten free diet has recently been studied and examined

by various doctors from all areas of the nutritional range, including weight reduction experts, bariatric doctors and the dietitians. There are several health advantages for consuming a gluten free diet some of these benefits includes improvements in the level of cholesterol, smooth working of our digestive system and expansion in vitality levels, if you are suffering from gluten sensitivity.

Health Benefits of taking Gluten Free Diet

To prevent celiac disease:

An autoimmune disease is also known as celiac disease refers to a kind of disease/disorder that destroys the covering of the small intestines however preventing the absorption of the nutrients when we consume a food or a drink. This damage occurs when we eat food products that contain gluten. It is a kind of a protein that is mainly found in oats, wheat, rye and barley.In the sufferers of autoimmune disorder, the immune system is prompted by the gluten to attack our small intestine. Even the consumption of a tiny amount of gluten can cause some major damages. 

When the small intestines are being attacked repeatedly, they lose their capability to absorb some essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, and calcium. Over the long run, individuals with untreated celiac sickness can create extreme healthful inadequacies. Once the celiac disease has been diagnosed a person must strictly adopt a gluten free diet in order to get rid of such diseases. This permits the small digestive system to mend so it can ingest supplements appropriately, and decreases the danger of related issues or problems.

To prevent DH (Dermatitis Herpetiformis)

Another form of celiac disease is DH known as dermatitis herpetiformis. It is a form of a disease in which the skin is being attacked by our immune system, unlike celiac disorder in which the small intestines are being attacked by the immune system. It causes an endless irritation, uneven rash that can be truly excruciating and painful. An indication of DH, in addition to the fact that it appears subsequent to eating gluten, is that the rash is typically symmetrical – in the event that you build up a rash to your left side elbow, you’ll doubtlessly have a comparative rash on the right elbow. The people who keep on consuming gluten, they may suffer from the high risk of intestinal cancer. Once the diseases associated with gluten consumption are being diagnosed, sufferers of DH usually shift towards adopting a gluten free diet in order to get rid of the painful irritation or rashes.

To minimize the symptoms of gluten sensitivity

 Gluten sensitivity is also a disease that is caused due to excessive consumption of gluten. However, this disease very different from DermatisHerpetiformis and celiac disorder and is not associated with our immune system. This disease is similar to lactose intolerance, in which a body is unable to digest sugar (lactose) apart from gluten because gluten can’t be digested or metabolized. Individuals with gluten affectability may experience gastrointestinal misery starting from diarrhea, nausea, constipation, vomiting, itching, rashes, and irritable bowel syndrome, especially when the consume those food items and drinks that contain gluten.

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