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The cool down exercises are required to be incorporated at the very end of your exercise routine. These are especially important for your internal body as to when you exercise your normal lactic acid levels in the body are built up. Cool down exercises help bring them down back to normal.



Cool Down Exercise Concept

Cool down is generally neglected even by coaches hired specifically for athletic training of individuals. Warm-ups are typically preferred in importance whereas in reality, both are equally critical steps of your workout regimes. In fact, the significance of cool down exercises actually increases after vigorous exercise routines as your body requires time for slowing down and these activities help out in the recovery process. You should cool yourself down right after completion of your workout for at least five to ten minutes.

cool down exercise

Cool down exercises help Lactic acid bring them down back to normal. Lactic acid is responsible for the soreness or stiff feelings you experience after exercising. These tend to appear after a few hours or the very next day of your exercise. Your cool down exercises will help you lessen the sore effect and to eliminate the stiffness of your muscles. The best part is that you have the liberty of devising very similar warm up and cool down exercises however, in this case, make sure to keep the body movements to lower intensity levels.

You can opt for activities such as jogging or running. Stretching also helps your muscles loosen up the unnecessary tightness. This ultimately leads to the achievement of maximum flexibility along with the relaxation of muscles. Not only will your muscles be restored to their resting position but you will be able to develop a highly positive attitude for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. 

cool down exercise

Cool down Exercises Poses

Pigeon Pose

Start off by standing while keeping your right leg forward. Make sure to keep a blanket or some other block type element underneath your right hip if it’s unwilling to come to the floor. You should consider this support necessary as you are supposed to feel comfortable in this pose. Relaxation is the aim of this cool down exercises.Try coming into a forward fold and let your torso’s weight rest on your let in front. You can attempt at up and down movements as well in this position followed by settling down in a folded posture.

You can use similar support for your forearms as well if they fail to reach the ground. Now try extending your arms followed by bringing down of your forehead towards the mat or supporting block. Focus on your hips now. In this position, your left hip should be higher in position compared to the right one. Try leveling your hips out and maintain this position for two minutes. Take about twenty breaths in this state and repeat the exact process keeping your left leg forward as well. 

Supported Bridge Cool-down Exercises

Start off by rolling over onto your back. Try bending your knees and bringing feet on the ground close to your hips. Keep a support of a block type near you. Attempt at lifting your hips off the ground after inhaling and then slide the support underneath your sacrum. Attain the supported bridge pose. You can keep the block at three heights depending on the level of difficulty you are aiming for. Let your sacrum rest on it. Try rolling your shoulders underneath and maintain this position for about ten to twenty breaths. 

Now to come out of this position you should start by pressing your feet down using strength followed by lifting your hips. Now remove the block and release to the ground. Keep your feet as wide as your yoga mat and keep your knees in rested position on each other. Maintain this position for a few breaths.

Goddess Pose 

Start off by bringing your feet soles together and near your hips. This should allow your knees to fall open on both sides in a goddess-like posture. Use different props to increase the level of relaxation to experience. You can utilize a block or folded blankets underneath your knees in case they fail to reach the ground. Maintain this position for about ten to twenty breaths.

Supine Spinal Twist 

Keep both of your legs straight and avoid props for this one. Try bending your right knee followed by drawing the knee into your chest. Attempt to move your left hip to the right direction whilst you move your right knee towards the ground.

Keep your arms extended in a perpendicular fashion to the body and then move your head to the right direction. Try applying gentle pressure on your right knee using the left hand. Keep your eyes closed and maintain the position for about ten to twenty breaths. Repeat this for the other side as well. 

cool down exercises

Happy Baby 

Start off this cool down exercises by bringing both of your knees into the chest and hold them in a hug like a manner. Now try separating them towards your armpits and make your feet soles’ turn towards the sky. Keep your shins perpendicular to the ground. You have the option of either holding on to your feet on the inside or outside. Choose the one that makes you feel relatively better. Now pull your feet down in a gentle manner. Now attempt to roll a bit on each side whilst massaging the sacrum. Maintain this for at least ten breaths.

Benefits of  Cool-down Exercises

The cool down exercises offer you the following benefits if performed appropriately:

    • Dissipation of your body waster products is aided.
    • DOMS potential is reduced.
    • Your risk of fainting or dizziness is reduced significantly
    • The adrenaline in your blood is reduced
    • The heart rate is restored to its normal state.

Stretching Activity

Stretching activities can easily be incorporated in both of your warm up and cool down exercises. Static stretching can be highly effective in boosting your athletic performance in general but it is generally not used for warming up. Active stretches have the ability to work your muscle groups using movements of the full range. Static stretching exercises have the ability to improve your flexibility and can hence be used for cooling your body down.

here are certain rules that should be kept under consideration while stretching. These include:

You are required to warm your body up before stretching as well. This only takes up about a minute or two of your time.

    • Perform active stretching for your warm up and save the static activities for cooling your body down. 
    • Make sure to cover all the important muscle groups that are to be involved in your sports activity.
    • There is no need to rush. Always stretch with slow movements and be gentle with your body.
    • Never try to bounce during your stretches or attempt at rapid movements of any sort.
    • Never subject your body to pain. You should stretch your body to the point where you begin to experience the discomfort of mild intensity.
    • Never hold your breath while you stretch. Remember to breathe slowly and with ease.
    • Don’t make your stretching movements competitive. 



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