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The ‘hemp’ element in CBD Hemp oil is derived from the fact that the plant, Cannabis Sativa, consists of two main species, marijuana, and hemp with hemp being the most beneficial kind. Since hemp contains a much higher CBD content, as well as significantly lower levels of THC when compared to marijuana it becomes the prime choice for use.

When the term ‘CBD Hemp Oil’ is used, it indicates a reference to oil extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. The lucky and highly beneficial thing is that once in the form of a finished product, Hem oil actually contains no substantive traces of either CBD or THC. Instead, it is loaded with healthy fats and is a prime choice for a key ingredient in beauty products due to its highly moisturizing effect.

CBD Hemp Oil

The medical uses of CBD hemp oil

Of the various uses of CBD, one of the most widespread and most useful is in the production of CBD  Hemp oil. CBD as a whole, and particularly CBD hemp oil, is becoming a big name in the ailment and wellness industry, thanks to its superior medicinal properties extending from all including chronic pain to anxiety. Below is an elaboration of its abilities.

  • CBD Hemp oil has been proved to reduce chronic pain in users, including pain stemming from diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid Read more about CBD and Arthritis 
  • Moreover, Hemp oil has also been known to vent off cancer-related symptoms, including chemotherapy-induced vomiting and nausea as well as a generalized sense of radiating pain. What is more, CBD oil may also be linked to cancer-fighting mechanisms, although there is yet plenty of research to be done in that field.
  • CBD hemp oil also has the ability to cure acne, using its anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin and to regulate sebum production in the sebaceous glands. It also prevents the active development of pro acne substances on the skin, such as cytokines. In addition, hemp oil is also believed to be beneficial for heart issues.

Lastly, in terms of CBD oil’s medicinal properties, comes the ability to inhibit neuroprotective properties possibly. Previously held studies have displayed that the use of CBD Hemp oil has cured, or at least significantly contributed in curing, disease symptoms for cases such as Parkinson’s and epilepsy. Remarkably, it has also shown the capability to ward off the early stages of Alzheimer’s.


CBD Hemp oil and Mental Illnesses

CBD Hemp oil has shown to alleviate signs of both depression and anxiety in both human and animal research. The exclusive benefit of using hemp oil is the fact that it carries no side effects, at all. This quality stands in stark contrast to the usual mental illness medicines which have attached with them a myriad of side effects that are quite inescapable for the person.

Other Uses

When we venture outside the medical arena and explore, hemp oil’s other uses the first to make an appearance is how it can benefit sleep by inducing a peaceful slumber. CBD hemp oil helps regulate sleep until the user develops a relatively healthier sleep pattern.

Moreover, it is also used in a number of beauty products due to its moisturizing and replenishing effect.


The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is a phenomenon that occurs when the many components of the cannabis plant interact with the human body in conjunction to inhibit a reaction that is much stronger than the effect of any one instrument on its own.

As there is sufficient evidence, which shows that medicinal, substances greatly increase in value and effectiveness when the whole entity is used in its most pure and natural state, the synergizing impact of the application of the entourage effect really pays off.

Perhaps, the entourage effect is truly highlighted when the comparison is made between the effects of THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, that is, the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant to the effect of using the cannabis plant as a whole.

When it comes to pain alleviation, there are at least eighty-five compounds which again work in conjunction with THC to mimic the relief that cannabis users often exclaim off.

The entourage effect in relation to CBD hemp oil

The entourage effect is particularly evident when it comes to the matter of CBD Hemp oil. With multiple tried and tested experiments, it has been gathered that hemp oil contains significantly greater qualities of CBD as opposed to THC and thus, possesses the ability to alleviate symptoms of certain diseases without the psychoactive effect of, say, marijuana.

What is more, it was discovered that cannabis that has been specially bred to contain roughly the same quantities of CBD and THC are the most beneficial. They pack the most effective pain, and symptom, relief mechanism illustrating just how great their role in therapeutic situations is. It also highlights the importance of the ratio of CBD to THC in maximizing therapeutic potential.

Side Effects OF CBD Hemp Oil 

Although the use of CBD hemp oil is said to be wholly safe and largely without any major side effects there are some ways in which it may negatively affect the condition of your body.

Of these side effects,

  • the first is an increase in body weight. This is part of a chain reaction where consuming hemp oil increases hunger thus, increasing weight.
  • Moreover, CBD oil may also induce sensations of drowsiness with effects lasting from anywhere between two to six hours, the time limit varying according to the way in which the oil was consumed.
  • CBD hemp oil may also lead to feelings of dizziness or lightheadedness due to a small drop in blood pressure which again is an effect of using the oil.
  • Additionally, CBD oil users may also suffer from diarrhoea and users are advised to reduce dosage to recover from this state.

Lastly, the use of CBD Hemp oil also leads to a condition which is called ‘dry mouth’ or ‘cotton mouth’ which is a result of reduced saliva levels. This situation led to a sensation of intense thirst and discomfort with rough throats and cracked and dry lips.

Methods of Use

There are a number of ways in which CBD Hemp oil can be used. These can mainly be divided up into four categories: topical applications, oral ingestion, sublingual administration and vaporised consumption.


Topical Application

As far as the topical application is concerned this is carried out in the form of lotions, ointments, salves, balms, patches as well as bath and body care products. These products are gently worked into the skin so that they are able to interact with the topmost formation of cells without actually penetrating into the bloodstream. The benefit of this is that the CBD hemp oil can be specifically used at the target areas instead of spreading throughout your entire body via your bloodstream.

Oral Use

CBD Hemp oil consumption through oral ingestion also has a surprisingly large range of products varying from candy to baked goods to drinks and to capsules. With the oral intake of CBD Hemp oil, it enters your digestive system before metabolising in your liver and finally entering the person’s bloodstream and therefore, spreading throughout the body. Oral ingestion is usually used in the case of curing mental illnesses.

Sublingual and Vaporized Way

CBD tinctures have the option to be consumed to sublingual administration where the oil is dropped beneath the tongue of the user. This is one of the most effective and fastest methods as through sublingual administration the oil enters blood vessels that are present below the tongue.

In this way, it does not first have to pass through the digestive system and instead, directly enters the bloodstream, with its effect starting to show in as little as five minutes. Thus, sublingual administration is ideal for chronic pain relief including migraines and arthritis.


Lastly, the final mode of consumption for CBD Hemp oil is through vaporisation via CBD vape oils. This is done using a vape pen or a vaporiser device through which the user inhales CBD vape oil directly into their lungs. This method allows for one of the greatest quantities of CBD Hemp oil to be consumed in one of the shortest time spans, thus, increasing efficiency.

As this method again enters the oil directly into your bloodstream, it is activated in a short time span and is ideal for bouts of extreme pain or panic attacks, a situation where relief is needed immediately.

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