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Cardio workouts are fantastic to help you blast fat off of your body but are they able to tone your muscles at the same time?

With the exercises we’ll go over in this article, you can do just that, and can become the lean yet strong person you’ve always wanted to be.

Squat jump


The first exercise is the squat jump. If you are someone that wants to combine lower body exercises with your cardio workouts, this is the move for you. The squat jump involves squatting as low as you can, and then pushing yourself up in a jumping motion so that your feet temporarily leave the ground.

Burpee Cardio workouts

The next exercise is called the burpee, and it is a good one to do if you want to build muscle on your arms and legs while you are also getting your cardio exercise done. It involves doing a pushup and then using your legs to push yourself up into a standing position and jump. It sounds a little complicated, but it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

Jumping Jack

Many people are familiar with this workout, too. It involves rapidly moving your legs apart in a jumping motion and simultaneously bringing your arms up from the sides. You can create some great cardio workouts by merely doing one hundred jumping jacks in a day, as it is a very useful exercise.


Another workout that you can do at home is simply skipping. For this workout, you just need a skipping rope, and you can get to skipping! If you’re someone that has no experience with skipping, you might slip and stumble a few times, but this is one of the best cardio exercises that you can do in your very own home, as it gets your heart rate up very quickly.


One of the simplest yet most effective exercises that you can do is running in place. As the name implies, it involves running in one spot with the same motion. The only difference is that you do not move forward, as you would if you were running. The fantastic thing about that Workout is that it can be incorporated into no equipment workouts and can improve the health and wellness of your body, especially your heart. The last cardio workout combines core abs exercises, leg exercises, and cardio all in one is running! If you go for a thirty-minute run every day, you will have a lightly muscular yet slim body in no time. Running is the best cardio workouts in the world. It is enjoyable, stress relieving and is one of the best things you can do to ensure the health of your heart now, as well as in later years of your life.

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