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A lot of people mistake breathing meditation exercises as an association with a certain religion. It is helpful to you regardless of your religious beliefs. Breathing meditation exercises are not limited to your lungs. In fact, these breathing meditation exercises involve the flow of energy throughout your entire body with each breath you take.

Meditation Concept

Meditation involves certain talking techniques. It requires you to calm yourself and close your eyes followed by telling yourself that you’re truly happy. Through this process of Meditation, you can gain a certain kind of sensitivity to the feelings of energy flow which ensure yourself a smooth and unobstructed flow. Your mind becomes more stabilized in times of pain because of this. This makes meditation necessary for all despite age or physical activity to be performed.

You can start off by balancing yourself in an erect sitting position. Your back has to be straight enough to prevent forward or back leaning. Meditation believes that in order to be helpful and good for others your body has to be happy with it and there are certain people who need a constant reminder of their happiness.
breathing meditation exercises


As a beginner you can start off by trying out short breathing meditation exercises. Different types of breathing techniques exist that can be experimented with and you should opt for the ones that feel most comfortable to you. A sitting posture is preferred for these techniques. Your mind tends to be more alert in this position. Keep your spine straight whilst remaining in a comfortable state. Do not strain yourself at any point for an erect spine. Relax yourself.

Breathing Meditation Exercises for Beginners

You can start off by this simplest form of meditation breathing exercises and then gradually progress to different techniques. This requires you to sit up in a comfortable manner. You have the option of lying down as well but prefer to sit up. A meditation chair can be invested in as well to ease the entire process. Now close your eyes. You have to begin your process of meditation by making efforts to gain control over your breathing. You must breathe naturally throughout.


breathing meditation exercises


You are required to keep your concentration focused on your breath along with bodily movements involved in each inhalation and exhalation. Try to notice your body throughout the process of breathing meditation exercises. Make a keen observation of your:

  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Rib cage
  • Belly

Don’t control it artificially rather focus on natural movements.

It is quite probable for your mind to wander so keep bringing the focus back on your point of concentration that is your breath. You can maintain this meditation for about two to three minutes time in the initial stages and then make efforts for longer periods.

Breathing Meditation Exercises Techniques

These six breathing techniques are bound to calm you down from any forms of negativities hindering your athletic performance:

Equal Breathing

Start off by inhaling to count to four and exhale for the same count as well. Make sure to breathe through the nose as it ensures the addition of natural resistance to your breath. Try to calm your nervous system down by increasing focus on your breathing movements.

This will reduce the amount of stress you are experiencing. Try opting for this technique before bed for a sound sleep necessary for your health. Racing thoughts can be avoided using this technique.

Abdominal Breathing Meditation Exercises Technique

Keep one hand on your chest and place the other one on the stomach and try taking deep breaths through your nose. The idea is to inflate your diaphragm not your chest with ample air for creation of a good stretch in your lungs.

You have to aim for at least six to ten slow breaths per each minute. Make sure to practice ten minutes on a daily basis to witness instant results in terms of reduced blood pressure and pulse. Practice this well before a stressful event.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This is quite the favorite across the globe. It is known for calming and creating balancing effects. The idea behind this breathing meditation exercises technique is the unification of both sides of your brain. You have to start off in a comfortable position for meditation.

Now use your right thumb to place over right nostril followed by deep inhaling through the left nostril. Now try closing off your left nostril using your ring finger at the peak of inhalation and exhale through your right nostril. Continue this pattern for some time. You will be able to increase your focus and energize the body. Avoid this before your bedtime. It is known as a “cup of coffee” as it makes you alert.

You will be able to manage this after practicing the beginner level breathing techniques. This falls under the intermediate kind in terms of difficulty.

Skull Shining Breath

These breathing meditation exercises kick off with deep inhalation in a slow manner which is followed by a quick and powerful exhalation created from the lower stomach. This requires you to gain control of your breathing movements first as the level of difficulty is rather advanced.
After getting comfortable with the contraction process you are required to increase the pace of your inhale-exhale process after every one to two seconds. Do this for at least ten breaths and make sure to breathe through your nose. 


These breathing meditation exercises are meant to wake you up as well. It warms your body up and removes any stale energy from it. 

Progressive Relaxation

This tries to remove the body and mind related tensions and attempts to relax your entire being. You have to keep your eyes closed and focus on relaxation of muscle groups for about to three seconds each. You can start off with your feet and then gradually progress to your knees and thighs leading up to chest and arms. This will ultimately get you to your neck, eyes, and jaws. Make sure to maintain slow and deep breaths throughout.

Don’t forget to breathe through your nose. In case of panic attacks, you can inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth. If you experience discomfort in holding your breaths then try toning it down to a limited few seconds. 

Guided Visualization

This is meant for the creation of a happy place in your mind. You are required to focus on positive images that offer you pleasant feelings in order to replace all the negativity in your mind. This asks you to focus through deep breaths. It basically prevents your mind from falling into that stressful dialogue and focuses on achieving happiness. This is an intermediate level of difficulty and will demand a certain amount of practice before you can really get the hang of it.

Benefits of Breathing Meditation Exercises 

Even if you don’t aim for direct relaxation, you will be able to experience it as a byproduct of breath meditation. This is known as the relaxation response. It is essentially an involuntary response in case of breath meditation and helps in reducing activities of your sympathetic nervous system.

The short term benefits delivered to your nervous system include:

  • lesser blood pressure
  • reduced perspiration
  • increased feelings of well-being
  • enhanced blood circulation
  • reduced heart rate
  • less stress
  • slower respiratory rate
  • less anxiety
  • lower blood cortisol levels
  • deeper relaxation

Despite these internal benefits of meditation, the sole purpose remains the liberation of your mind. Your brain is basically freed from all kinds of uncontrollable elements and circumstances that might cause stress. You don’t cling to meaningless desires and focus on yourself. This helps athletes maintain their drive and focus towards their ultimate goal. 

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