MEDF Established in 2017, with a wealth of experience, we are proud to call ourselves the experts in wellness and Fitness Niche.

The MEDF Blog will help you find the answers you have been looking in your routine life related to achieving the Good Health. MEDF, a positioning, and branding blog that educate people about all Fitness, medical and Everyday life-related issues.

As a source of Fitness related information, we go the extra mile to ensure you receive a piece of exceptional information from start to finish. Good health and Fitness is something we can all benefit from, and even the slightest changes to our daily routine can make such an enormous difference in our overall Fitness.


Aims Of MEDF

Have you ever wondered which specific emotions, stressors, beliefs or lifestyle choices are blocking you from achieving your Good health or life goals? This blog will help you figure it out!

 The main aim of 

Providing answers to your Health and Fitness concerns!

  • Regarding your lifestyle, diet, emotions, thoughts or environment
  •  which lifestyle path you should follow?
  • How to make everyday healthy and Fit.

MEDF Vision

Here at MEDF blog, We use passion, creativity, and knowledge to offer excellent Health and Fitness related information. We go the extra mile and ensure we provide seamless content to our readers.

MEDF delivers relevant information in clear language. All content is written by dedicated authors to delivering accurate and up-to-date health and medical information, for readers.

How it Works

The MEDF is an unbiased and diverse blog which provide a free-range view on ‘fitness, nutrition, travel and Diet’, in a single, friendly and accessible place. This blog serves as a platform upon which I  continue to share the knowledge and experience which I gained as a Health professional in the past few years.