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The focus of the DASH Diet Meal Plan is to decrease your consumption of fats and salt which will control your blood pressure level and cholesterol as well. By lowering the amount of these two components in your meals, you can also lose weight as well. The important goal is to provide you with basic nutrients without draining your system. But it can be quite difficult to start your DASH Diet Meal Plan. It will take a lot of courage and will-power to devote your mind to follow a Meal Plan which does not let you consume excessive fats. However, it is not impossible. 

The first seven days of your DASH Diet Meal Plan will help you combat and prepare your mind. If you cannot fight the urge to eat whenever you are bored, it is important to think of the first week of your diet plan as a pilot round towards a healthier lifestyle. Most of the time, people overeat when they think they are hungry but in fact, they are only short of nutrients which lack in an average meal.

Dash Diet Meal Plan

You will need to prepare your body for this change slowly. Once you have mentally accepted that you will need to quit hamburgers and cupcakes in your daily routine to achieve a healthy lifestyle, it would be much easier for you to dive into your DASH Diet Meal Plan

DASH Diet Meal Plan Routine

Break Fast Dash Diet Meal Plan 

For your first seven days, focus on preparing breakfast which is rich in proteins. You can use milk which is low-fat, an average banana, cereal, orange or pomegranate juice, wheat bread, cucumber etc.You do not have to compose a heavy meal, but make sure that you are getting the necessary nutrients. Bagels, yogurt with no added sugars, oat cereals are also ideal ingredients for your meals. 


Lunch Meal Plan 

When you are preparing your lunch, keep in mind that it should not be large in servings but still be able to give you the energy for the rest of your day. Cut out on your usual meal and you can make yourself some delicious chicken salad which has a lot of vegetables in it. Another thing you can make yourself is chicken-breast sandwich whichwill satisfy your need of munching on burgers. Turkey breast sandwich is another thing which will not make you feel like you are going on a crash diet. The main thing at this point is to cut carbs and fats and start eating meals which are providing you enough nutrients. 

Dinner Dash Diet Meal Plan

For dinner you can cook yourself sea food instead of ordering pizza. An exotic meal at home will help you fight the urge to eat unhealthy food which has high cholesterol level and excessive oils and fats. Spaghetti is another food which you can cook for dinner. Make sure to add a pinch of vegetables as well. Meals like this will help your mind accept the change slowly. 


Benefits of Dash Diet Meal Plan

  • Start slow but don’t give up. DASH diet is your excuse to cook yourself fancy meals every day. You will notice a change in your body in the first few days.
  • You will feel more energetic as well as active when you regularly eat healthy meals.
  • Your 7-Day meal plan will make you ready for the rest of your journey. It is very important that you cut every toxic meal that you were eating even if you are tempted to break your own rules.

Important Points to Consider 

 Here are some of the everyday ingredients that lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels; plain yogurt, oatmeal, olive oil, butter and lima beans, apples, sardines, shitake mushrooms, pumpkin, and red and yellow peppers. The dish created from these ingredients can be flavored with parsley, pine nuts, vine leaves, lemon juice, and garlic.

It is normal for you to crave snacks between your regular meals of the day. But you have to understand that an average snack whether it is a burrito or salted-peanuts contain high amount of salt for seasoning. Other snacks have excessive amount of salt, added-sugars and calories as well which must be avoided. Therefore, you can use dry fruits and other un-seasoned foods like popcorn which will satisfy both, your starvation as well as craving.

You should use oils like coconut oil or Olive oil. Coconut oil is the best oil out there that could be used for cooking. The chemical called lauric acid that is present, destroys the bacteria and controls the cholesterol. It is also said to be a superfood.

While Olive oil, which is commonly used in a Mediterranean diet, it raises the good cholesterol levels and oxidizes the bad ones. Oils such as, Soybean Oil, “Vegetable” oil, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Peanut Oil, Shortening Corn Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Margarine, Safflower Oil, and Cottonseed Oil should be avoided at all costs. These oil create an imbalance in the cholesterol levels and also could be the cause of high blood pressure.


When you embrace a diet plan, you don’t find it hard to resist the temptation of eating unhealthy. However, starting Dash Diet Meal plan is the hardest decision. Your body will certainly feel a little neglected when you start and so will your mind. You will feel the urge to go against the rules but if you prepare yourself meals which satisfy your hunger, you will hardly notice any change. The goal is to keep yourself distracted at all times. The first seven days can help you establish DASH diet Meal Plan as your ultimate plan to eat healthy.

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