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  • We all want to drink Low-calorie drinks and get a good buzz without having to worry about putting on a few extra calories that would show on the monthly weighing scale. However, many of us are not familiar with many low-calorie drinks and drink whatever is offered. Big mistake. Not only do drinks with more sugar add to your weight; rather, they result in a dreadful hangover the very next morning.

According to many dieticians, if you choose your drinks wisely, you wouldn’t have to worry about gaining weight at all. Well, provide you with a list of low-calorie drinks that can help you through a holiday weekend, buzzed up and at the same time slim and healthy looking.

When we talk about drinks, an vital part of these drinks is water, and that’s where you have to make your first choice. Tonic or seltzer water? Well if you’re looking not to put on the weight, you should opt for seltzer water as tonic water contains a lot of sugar and calories.

List of some Low-calorie Drinks

 Vodka seltzer with lemon 

Can be one of your go-to drinks during the holidays. The drink itself is just water with bubbles and a hint of lemon that enhances the flavour of the drink.

Low-Calorie drink version of a cosmopolitan

Another drink that would be perfect for you is a low-calorie version of a cosmopolitan. So you can have a cosmopolitan but without the undesired after effects of it. This drink is made with a blend of raspberry-infused vodka, club soda, lime and cranberry juice. You should hold the amount of the cranberry juice to a bare minimum, just enough to add flavour so that it tastes great but also keeps the calories in check.

Toned-down mojito

toned-down mojito can also be one of your choices for the evening if you’re looking to watch your weight while you drink. The key to this drink is to order a sugarless mojito from the bar. The combination of mint and lime are enough to flavour the drink as it is, but if you need your drink to be a little sweeter, you can always add your sugar; according to your needs.

Mojito made with rum, lime, sugar, mint, club soda, served in a tall glass.

Scotch on the rocks  low-calorie-drinks

One of the most optimal low-calorie drink for all those of us who are weight conscious is a scotch on the rocks. Little traditional, many teenagers don’t consider it a “youngsters drink” but if you’re watching weight and also want a strong drink scotch on the rocks is the drink to go for. It’s keen to avoid a lot of sugary mixes in your scotch like juice since it’s already so strong it’s advisable to sip it down rather than gulping it. This won’t only give you a consistent buzz rather you’ll automatically drink lesser with a drink that can last you an entire evening.

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